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Top Notch 3 Second Edition: A Complete Guide to the Achievement Tests

theres probably no way we can get there, but it doesnt have to be an all or nothing proposition. of course we need to test our kids, and of course we need to figure out if they have ld or not. but if we cant find a way to test in a way that doesnt undermine our kids self-esteem and put them on a different path for the rest of their school career, then maybe we shouldnt test them at all. teachers can do a lot of the heavy lifting and figure out if a kid has ld or not, and how to help them. let them do that.

Top Notch 3 Second Edition All Achievement Test


what we need is a testing program that doesnt undermine our kids self-esteem. the programs out there, the ones that ask the teacher for the answers, the ones that give the kids no choice in their placement, the ones that tell the kid if they cant do something, the ones that tell the kid if they can do something, the ones that give the kid a choice between two standards, the ones that dont even let kids apply for a gate program, are not the program that i am talking about. we need to find a way for all of our kids to be able to engage in a learning environment, so that they can feel good about themselves, feel confident in their ability, and have the opportunity to reach for their goals.

his behaviors were so bad that i was too afraid to work with him at home, and when i tried to do schoolwork with him, he would frequently run away. i felt like a failure. does the state have enough money for ela testing? we need to be honest about the issue, and stop avoiding it

do not let the myopia of my "i" to override your "you" on this. we need your insight, your experience, your teaching to "you" must be tested along with all students because your experience of a child or student is unique. no matter how "you" feel about it, no matter if your ego gets in the way, your student or child needs "you" to learn. we are all fortunate to have access to a "you" who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that every child learns, regardless of his or her circumstance. i can assure you that a childs chances for success in school are better with "you" than without. i do not have to say anything else.


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