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Tech Armor Ballistic Screen Protector

In terms of protection, knife and keys did nothing to the screen protector whereas sandpaper definitely left its mark. Now, Tech Armor claims there is 9H hardness to their product which may be true but the layer that actually has 9H hardness covered by 2 additional layers.

Tech Armor Ballistic Screen Protector

Secondly, the HD FlexiClear Film Screen Protector is made of elastic polyurethane, which allows it to grip the curved edges of the device for seamless installation, minimizing the risk of bubbles and preventing dust and dirt from sneaking beneath the screen protector. The HD FlexiClear Film also helps absorbs impact and prevents costly scratches.

Zagg cases start with the Arsenal Case for iPhone 5s which protect screens for just $50. Just about all screen protector cases including the ones for Galaxy S5, iPhone5C and iPhone6 are $50, with the exception being the perimeter case for iPhone4 which is only $20, but it only travels around the outer edge.

TechArmor is a trusted choice when it comes to maintaining the clarity of the image once the screen protector is applied to your device. We use only the best materials: Japanese Pet Film screen protection and high-grade silicone adhesives for TruTone clarity and rainbow-free viewing.

The TechArmor HD Clear screen protector keeps the touch accuracy of your device unaltered. Enjoy all the features of your device without ever worrying about scratches or other marks on your iPad Air 2 or iPad 9.7 new generation model, with the anti-fingerprint, oleophobic coating and bubble-free installation.

These high-tech tools have changed the way the men and women in black operate. Sophisticated fibers and ceramics used in today's body armor and helmets armor officers against harm. Less-lethal tools, such as those in the TASER International lineup, enable teams to execute missions while reducing collateral damage. Products like the PistolCam and the TASER AXON capture audio-video recordings during missions, while tools such as the TacView 2500 pole-mounted camera allow teams to see inside before entering. Surplus military equipment and armored vehicles available through the 1033 LESO Program provide added cover and protection. And the list goes on.

"Every single department I know is in budget crisis right now," says Jack O'Connor, president and executive director of the U.S. National SWAT Championships. "Administrative policy requires you to have certain things. You've got to have vests; you've got to have pistols and the right kind of ammo; ballistic helmets; eye and ear protection and basic less-lethal weapons. Those and personnel costs take priority, even if some of this really cool technology could be really helpful."


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