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Naked 70 Year Old Women

"It feels like the fire ignited in the previous appearance ..." It's been about a month since that experience of making the first 70-year-old debut in the history of first shooting. It is said that the sexual curiosity that made Chiyoko dec

naked 70 year old women

I miss my husband terribly after 35 years. Our sex pleasure remembering him and physical out lives were far above norm. At 80 and 78 we were having full sex almost every night and the night before he passed away. I have satisfaction in masturbation a few days every week. It gives pleasure remembering those amazing orgasms and how it felt to cuddle up to him every night

I was married for 47 years but the last 20 years my lovely husband could not preform as his breading was bad so that was the end of our sex life he passed 8 months ago I have just discovered how to pleasure myself and find it enjoyable but I was doing it last night I had to get out of bed while I was fingering my self a gush of water came out of my vagina im worried in case I have to stop can you tell me what this was thanks

Sorry to here that, My wifes sister in law had terrible care in London care home , she died last year ! Finding some one in later life can be difficult. Im 70 but as bisexual, And a late starter due to my parents religious beliefs, kept me away from woman until I was 38, due just to the nature of their very strict codes i lived in 1970s 58 is actually a good age for horny woman. I have bad arthritis in hips. dont have normal sex, but I get off on Electrostim.Hope you find that person dear!

PaulI am 84 and masturbating since pubertyWidowed for one year and had many years of good sexual relationship without hang-ups. Several years ago I had a partial prostectomy and orgasms still happened with no semenal ejaculation. Have have 3 stents placed in my heart and am on medication (blood pressure, blood thinning and Metformin) although not diabetic. Recently developed ED and I battle to get a hard or to climax. Watch porno for stimulus. Could a vibrator solve my problem?

Have been in a relationship for over 25 years with the woman that I love dearly. After our second child was born she found out she had breast cancer which after treatment lead to her no longer wanting sex. She is not happy with the scars and lost her sex drive as the menopause was brought on early. She did discuss HRT but the doctors said it could cause the cancer to return so she just gave up on any sexual contact. For me that left just masturbation as a source of release but tried to hide it from her. I come down in the morning and make a drink which I go back to bed with and drink but really this is my time alone to take care of the task in hand. In the last year I got caught with my pants down and when she caught me it started a frank and open discussion where I explained what and when I did it and that I was fed up of hiding it. I said if she comes into the bedroom in the mornings not to be surprised if i am masturbating and I will no longer cover up to hide in shame. It was lovely to be so open about it and several times since she has deliberately come in and even helped to finish me off. Says she is still not interested in me touching her but this is a start and at least I am no longer hiding it. I thought the talk was make or break but now I know that I can be open in my solo efforts, it gives me back some dignity and it is nice to occasionally share. Also, at 56, so nice to hear that both sexes are masturbating into the 80s and beyond. Not planning on stopping any time soon either but encouraging to know that with a little exercise to keep the blood flowing, I have years of fun still ahead of me.

For different reasons, I only achieve erections by watching porn. I would much prefer meeting a nice senior woman but where to find one? Not on a dating website.I am 82, I was married for 45 years to an occasionally sexual, very loved beautiful Frenchwoman who is now an angel after a short horrible disease.

I am 83 , just lost my husband of 43 years. I told him when we got married that I would be ready for sex any time he was . We had a wonderful life and I miss him dearlyI am masturbating, trying to see if it is a sin , but my body always wins.

Greg, Your issue with losing your erection my be a varicose vein complex which robs you of the pressure required to keep you erect. I fought with the same issue and used o-ring to help retain the pressure.I went to a Doctor who was interested in the differential diagnosis. We had tried Yohimbine with partial success. The O rings came next I won a membership to the Craftsmans Club. Finally I was ready to consider an inflatable prostheses. But that required a little further investigation . I needed to see whether the problem was supply or leakage. I was injected with a vaso dialator. After 10 minutes I could have fried eggs on my penis. It was bright pink and hot. But not up. The problem was a vascular leak. An inflatable prosthesis was the resolve . My first one lasted 20 years and I have had the second one 10 years. Not a bad resolution, but spontanaity(sp) is gone.

It is interesting to hear a man who has this guilt. Women and young girls have this STILL! It is depressing. If God made us did he make a mistake in giving us sex organs? Especially women with a clitoris, an organ solely for sexual pleasure? Did God really make a mistake and give women a clitoris for it not to be touched? Very few women can orgasm by penetration alone (1 in 10?) so did God not want them to orgasm? Sexual satisfaction is good for health and vital for good relationships!

I am near 82, have not had sexual intercourse for over 27 years, menopause really was a total sex killer. My wife has NIL libido anymore but was and is fully supportive of my masturbatory acts. We live apart but still interact daily. I masturbate to full ejaculation about every 6 to 8 days, but play and fondle myself at the computer or in the shower daily or even hourly.I have seen a recent interest in senior male sexual companionship and have indulged a dozen or so times,I make no secret of what I do, where, and how often. I watch a lot of porn and read a lot of erotica to create the full sexual arousal required, and i am content.

I was just about to give up completely until one night about three weeks ago. I was asleep in bed and my wife was asleep in her bed (we have a king size sleep number bed which is comprised of basically two twin size beds together). We separated the beds several months back because I would have dreams in which I became very animated. These dreams always involved me being in a fight ( an earlier occupational hazard as a result of 34 year law enforcement career) and I would sometimes strike out and hit my wife. Thank goodness she was never actually injured, but we thought it might be prudent to separate the beds before she did get injured. Anyway, one night about three weeks ago I was asleep in bed and my wife was asleep in her bed and I was awakened by a lot of rustling of covers. I looked over and saw my wife lying on her back, covers off, with her arms and legs in the air. They were straight up in the air and her legs were to her left, her arms were to her right, and then she reversed them several times looking similar to a cheerleader for a sports team. Then she got up in one motion and went to the bathroom, came back to bed and went straight to sleep. I asked her about this behavior the next morning and she said she had no idea what I was talking about, but that she sometimes moves around in her sleep. Given my history of fighting in my sleep, I just shrugged it off and put it out of my mind.

I am a 96 year old man, living alone, and masturbation is one of the remaining pleasures of life. but lately i feel my orgasms are a strain on my heart. can i talk about this with my cardiologist who, incidentally, is a woman?

I am 86 and as my lady friend lives in another town, most of the time I am alone. I masturbate now once a week. I take Viagra and watch porn as I masturbate. I carry it on for about an hour before I climax. Erection is not what is used to be, but does the job. When I cum, it is just a couple of drops of sticky fluid, I am not sure if it is sperm. But I love doing it and hope will be able to continue for years to come

My husband has been unable to have an erection for 8-10 years. I miss sex! So I masturbate for sexual release. He has never tried to help me find sexual pleasures through other outlets he could do. He just ignores me. I told him there are other avenues he could use he just ignores me.

I am 60 Yr old male who loves to masturbate a lot. sometimes daily or every few days. I have been alone 2 and a half years now and before that was in a sexless marriage. I do all the right things to stay healthy and enjoy some wonderful orgasms. if anyone wants to talk about it and how to keep enjoying it let me know.

I am a 67 year old diabetic, and have had problems with erections for the last two years. I am exploring the possibilities of penile shots that create erections, but in the meantime give myself regular orgasms daily with an electric vibrator that is about 300 horsepower. My fear is if this thing ever quits, where will I find another one. I do miss the touch of another person, and think about trying friends with benefits sites. Not sure if anybody would be interested in an old guy like me.

I feel the same way. Cheated and wanting sex with her but she just has no desire anymore. Very frustrating. I dont want to hurt her by having an affair and dont want to leave her because she and i fo love each other. She just has no desire for sex and for some reason just expects me to go without as well. I cant do that and have secretly had discreet sexual encounters with two women from my past but feel guilty afterwards so my options are kind of limited. I masturbate alot preferably with her watching but thst doesnt even get her in the mood. Temporarily satisfying but still very frustrating. I want a women who wants and enjoys sex as much as i do and i feel cheated after all these years that im growing old without that.


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