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[S4E10] Probably (2)

As her father, Jamie is dead set on making her realize that she was at a disadvantage because of the amount force Stephen was probably using. To demonstrate, he puts her in a chokehold that she is unable to get out of. I guess whatever way you can prove a point, right? After his first lesson as a father, Jamie has to face some awkward questions from Bree.

[S4E10] Probably (2)

It was probably a surprise attack, not a trap. There is no way Inaros would leave himself that open to assassination if it was a trap, Ashford could have killed him right there. The only reason Ashford didn't shoot Inaros and bite Filip's bullet was because he wanted to get the word out on Inaros' asteroid attack.

Ashford's ship was probably not able to take on Inaros' ship in a straight fight, so he went with a stealth boarding attempt instead. That's just a guess, but the show really doesn't explain the situation. Given the time constraints of the scene I can see why.

Fred was shackled to the wall of the prisoner van and heavily guarded in exactly the way June was on the way to prison in S4Ep3. She was also masked. Nick probably wanted to hear Fred beg. This makes me even more convinced that the lack of security measures when the six rebel handmaids were on their way to the breeding colony at the end of S4Ep3 was on purpose, to allow them the opportunity to escape. 041b061a72


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