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Avee Music Player for PC - Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac - Free Download

these days, avee is very popular. the android apps are often reported being very useful, for example, can be very suitable for android for shopper , google chrome and android photos . and now, we are going to introduce avee for pc. although the game has good compatibility with android, we still need to discuss how to install this game on our pc. currently, this game is widely used by amazon fire stick users. but users can install it on pc or mac without any difficulties. besides, it does not have much storage on the pc since it is mainly a collection of music. so, we will take the guide to install and play it on pc in the whole guide.

Avee player on pc

the first, you should download a version of the apk. so, go to , search for avee player and download the latest version of it (1.2.83 version) for the android operating system, mac or pc. save it to your pc. avee player for pc is now installed on your pc.

and the second, we need to set the location of the save file path. to do this, you need to go to the start menu. i hope you know this command on windows 10. but, if not, you can install tweak ui to get the application menu button.

in avee, we not only allow you to play all your favorite music, we provide an amazing music experience. the app uses our servers to stream music, and therefore we need to know your personal information. this is a limitation of the app and we will not be able to release a completely anonymous version.

avee music player (pro) has been designed to be easy to use, so you can start listening to music in just a few clicks. you can start enjoying the benefits of the app by downloading the free version from our website. you will have to upgrade to the paid version later.


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