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Thelma Nude 2.mp4

Marina Anna Eich standing up fully nude and bent forward with her arms tied to trees as a guy stands behind her and has hard sex with her while she struggles and cries out giving us numerous looks at her breasts and bush all as Esther Maaß watches and screams while tied to another tree with her mouth gagged until finally the guy finishes having sex with Marina and pulls his pants up. From the uncut version of Break.

Thelma Nude 2.mp4

Kenzie Phillips (center) removing her black cape to reveal her fully nude body and then standing in between Kayla Elizabeth (left, credited as Kaya Elizabeth) and Melissa Sue Zahs (right, credited as Melissa Zahs) both of whom are also fully nude as they watch some guys perform a ritual and then step forward and get down on their knees naked while one of the guys feeds them each in turn as they stand and move back over to the wall until finally he feeds Kenzie and she stands up and walks naked around a bed over to a guy and feeds him as well. From Paying UP.

Melissa Sue Zahs (blonde, credited as Melissa Zahs) and Kayla Elizabeth (red head, credited as Kaya Elizabeth) both removing their black capes to reveal their fully nude bodies and then standing there naked with Kenzie Phillips in a black cape and hood in between them as they watch some people perform a ritual all while giving us looks at their breasts and vaginas. From Paying UP.

Yaroslava Nikolaeva (credited as Yaroslawa Turevskaya-Nikolaeva) straddling a guy fully nude on a beach by some rocks as she breathes heavily and moans while while riding him as she goes back and forth between having sex sitting up straight grinding against him and leaning forward pressed against him all as they make out and as he kisses her breasts. From Euphoryaa.

Hips, Hips, Hooray! showed scantily clad burlesque-style showgirls and female extras as typical of the Hollywood musicals in the Pre-Code era.[6] Doris McMahon portrayed a nearly nude maid who wore only an apron.

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