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Netsupport School 12 Full 11

With dedicated versions for all leading desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, Android and iOS, NetSupport School allows teachers to connect to students using a full mix of different platforms.

netsupport school 12 full 11

With a completely refreshed user interface to make it even easier for teachers to identify and navigate to features, NetSupport School for macOS (previously known as NetSupport Assist) provides extra flexibility to allow teachers to connect from a Mac device, to students using a full mix of different platforms including; Mac, Chromebooks*, Windows, iOS and Android. Plus, the teacher can connect to a Mac student from any device/platform.

The new native NetSupport Tutor App is provided as a complementary component to the traditional NetSupport School desktop application and is available for download from the Windows Store. The NetSupport School Student software also features a number of low-level enhancements to ensure full compatibility with Windows 10, support for the latest browser technology and improvements for use by students on touch-enabled devices.

The new generation of Google Chromebooks is set to help schools put technology in the hands of more students and NetSupport is keen to ensure that teachers can continue to provide effective student support in this environment.

Student JournalThe already unique Digital Student Journal has been further enhanced to aid in lesson recording and improve the provision of content for students outside of the classroom. Teachers and students can now select an existing journal file and continue to add subsequent lessons to it. Teachers can add chapters to the journal, create bookmarks, even synchronise missing content from their journal with a student who has missed a lesson, or simply make the document more professional and add a school logo.

The journal delivers a complete record of all activity within a lesson, aids homework and revision, provides a valuable resource for students who have missed a lesson and gives teachers a full record of activity.


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