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After years of hard work, it started to pay off for them. They bought a very large house on several acres of land. Neither of them wanted children so they could have the freedom to go out or travel whenever they wanted. The business was thriving, and they were enjoying life. He started to enjoy life without her though. He left her for a 22 year old that ran the spin class at the gym where they had a membership. I cannot imagine why anyone would leave such a sexy creature as Ms. Richards.

large mature dominatrix


I carefully took off the ribbon and bow and peeled off the fancy wrapping paper. Inside was a large book. It was about an exotic car. Not any car, it was my dream car. I had always liked exotic sports cars, but this one was my favorite. This book was like the bible of that car. I had looked at it online several times. I knew it was well over $200. It had everything you would ever want to know about this car. I was taken aback by this incredibly thoughtful gesture on her part.

I carefully picked up the shoe and held it near her right foot. I wanted to reach up and hold her ankle, feel the smoothness of the black shear stocking covering it, and guide her petite foot into the shoe, but thought it best not to push my luck. She slipped her foot in while looking down at me. "Thank you sweetie". With that she stood up with me still kneeling before. I stumbled back a little as I stood. She stepped forward and gave me a big hug. She pressed her large 48 year old boobs into me and held me there for a moment. I started to grow hard and tried to keep my pelvis away from her so she wouldn't notice.

She was laying there in a black bikini. It barely covered her large breasts, and the triangle material at her crotch was shaped perfectly to show off her hourglass figure. The color matching her long black hair perfectly. Whoever designed this bikini had her in mind when they did it. Not only had she never worn a bikini that I had seen, but she never laid out while I was cutting the lawn.

I didn't want to disturb her. So I did not know if I should stop or keep going. She knew I was cutting the lawn when she got home so I decided to keep going. Mowing in a pattern that would allow me the most time to look at her mature, sexy body lying there in the sunlight, I kept at my job. She seemed to have her eyes closed so I didn't think she would know I was staring at her, but she would peek and see me looking. She knew me. The beautiful, sexy sight before me had me growing hard as I walked. I was thankful I had a somewhat large t-shirt on because it hung down in-front of my shorts to help hide my excitement.

I never thought to try and wear anything tight that might show off my physique in-front of her. I was just the neighbor kid that fantasized about her. She was the sexy Venus that lived next door and would have no interest in someone so immature, inexperienced, and less than half her age. During one pass of the lawn as I was coming towards her she motioned me to stop and come over to her.

Was she going to ask me to rub lotion on her? Did she see my erection? My mind was racing with stupid ideas as I stood before her. "Be a dear and crank the umbrella down for me would you? It is just starting to cast a shadow near me." On the deck there was a large table with chairs around it. In the middle was an umbrella that you could open or close with a crank. "Whatever you need Ms. Richards" was the only thing I could say as I cranked the umbrella down for her.

She was a sexy, mature, smart, confident, successful woman. I was an immature, inexperienced, naive 18 year old. "Thanks sweetie. I've made up my mind. If you like it that much then I will take it on the cruise. I won't keep you from your work any more." She said dismissing me back to cutting her lawn as she closed her eyes to lay there in the hot sun.

A day before she left, I found the contact information and called the cruise line. I asked if they could deliver flowers to a certain cabin on a certain day. They told me that they did that type of thing all the time and they could leave them in her cabin if she was out. They ran through the options of flowers I could buy and prices. I picked out a large bouquet of her favorite flowers, I had planted enough of them in her yard to know, and told them what to put on the note. "Happy Birthday Ms. Richards. I hope your birthday is as special as you made mine." and then my name.

Ms. Richards walked up the stairs to the church. I just stared as she approached me. She was in a dress just tight enough to show off her elegant feminine body, but still seem fashionable and appropriate for a wedding. A good amount of cleavage gave a teasing view of her large womanly, porcelain breasts, and the dress ended just below her knee. It did have a slit up the left side though that went to mid-thigh. She had on black stockings or pantyhose and black strappy four-inch high heels.

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