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Buy Onstar Minutes

100 minutes for I think $10 is hardly expensive. Never a dropped call and great to have in a emergency. Plus they rolled over in a year if you bought another $10 worth before they expired. I have over 400 minutes I accumulated thru the years that I am now going to lose.

buy onstar minutes

Ron. I need to sign up where you did. My minutes package was like a buck a minute and expired after a year of use. Maybe we had different plans. I could never use even the limited number and then had to replace expiring minutes. But. The emergency stuff is gold. Had my brand new ct6v sheared off the front end at an intersection and onstar was in in less than two seconds to make sure I was ok. I was. So regardless of the phone thing I am a fan

Hello,I feel obligated to place my two cents in regarding onstar..For one thing weather you pay cash or not for a gm vehicle you(must)subscribe to onstar to activate it.Even if it is free for the first year you also have to give them your credit card information to activate the system.This is how they have your numbers.Also in the litriture it states if prior cancellation of services is not recieved they will assume you wish to continue services and hence the charges to your credit card.P.S i use onstar in two of my vehicles and feel more secure with it.Regards..

What all of the stories miss is that the onstar hardware in the car costs GM about $1,000, wireless activation and airtime costs another $200 per year, and the call center another $200/year. System design, testing and validation costs are in the $10-100 millions. How can they only charge 199-299/year then you ask? Easy, the rest is baked into the price of the car. Just one of the resons why GM is now bankrupt, etc. All things being equal if GM dumped onstar they could reduce the price of each car by at least $1k. Once you know the true costs involved and the subscription scams they practice, you relaize this is just another corperate fleecing of US citizens.

I just got a 2009 h3 hummer and I activated my trial with onstar today. They asked me if I wished to put a credit card on file and I said not at the moment I wanted to get used to system and see if I had any use for it. They said no problem so as of right now if I get charged in a year I know they stole my financial information from some where. It is also true that having onstar in your car. GM collects data to see your driving habits and they now offer discounts on insurance if you minimize your driving. I also assume cops can get ahold of those records to see where you were if there was a crime. Im not a conspiracy theorist or anything but I wouldnt be suprised if some guy gets caught for a crime. Because onstar placed his car at the scene lol.

If you are using onstar or not,,,all vehicles dating from 06 now have a BLACK box wired into your vehicles computers.It continually records the last fifteen or twenty seconds of driving that includes speed,vehicle yaw,if brakes were applied ,,,etc. These recordings CAN and HAVE been used against the owners after certain vehicle accidents,Examplea lad struck a lady on a crosswalk and killed her, He stated he was driving thirty miles an hour(however police recovered the black box and it showed his speed to be in excess of sixty miles per hour,So he was chargerd with vehicular manslaughter, and convicted..So big daddy IS watching everytime we drive now!

I bookmarked this thread so I'll do my best to keep up here and report my interactions with onstar. The other thing was I signed a contract at dealer for 1 years free service and when I activated with person she told me 3 months so i have to get that straightened out aswell. With the black box what stops us as citizens from using it to show cops are liars about giving speeding tickets when we truely didn't speed?

my new vehicle with onstar was hit in a near fatal accident. i was never notified by phone or email and there was no damage to onstar. any info on this matter or direction would be appreciated. i have since purchased a new malibu and informed onstar i dont want or have faith in their service and explained why. they have no record and basically blew me off. however they offered me an estra year free and i informed them i dont want it but they credited me anyway. my wife is permanently disabled as a relult and our life has changed dramatacilly. any info on similar matters would be appreciated. my stomach turns when i see automatic crash res-ponse commercial on tv from onstar all the time.

Very sorry to hear about the bad accident,but you left out some information,On star only knows of an accident IF the airbags deploy(usually only in a frontal collission)SO if you had a rear end collission or a side impact then possably the airbags did not deploy(hence no notification of onstar)I am in no way defending onstar,Just giving the facts as i know them.If the airbags deployed then there is absolutly NO excuse for there omission,Again so sorry to hear about your terrable accident and wish the very best for you and your wife.

hey thanks for that info. appreciated..however onstar never asked about airbag nor informed of that fact ..nor do i see airbags depoloyed on their dramatic commercials where onstar calls to check on accident victims to see if they are was a side impact and no airbags were deployed..thanks again for your useful knowledge, my friend.

hello tmbucz,On star is notafied if any airbag is deployed,As far as contacting them without a subscription (onstar says no) however before i subscribed i once used the red button and after several minutes they did answer.I am a believer in the service especially the hands free phone,however every system has it 's pitfalls as marshall found out(sorry to say).

So I told everyone I would be back in a year to see if onstar some how gets my credit card info outside of contacting me. I got a letter for them today saying that I have less then a month left on my free trial I was told the trial was for a year. Im at almost 3 months and they are getting ready to end my trial, its all very interesting.

I've dealt with OnStar customer service a couple times over the last year and a half. I am completely satisfied with their service. At one point, probalby through my own fault, I had trouble with my navigation system. I spent an hour on the phone with OnStar getting it straightened out. After we were done they credited my phone account for an additional 100 minutes, just because it took so long.

I have a 2009 sierra, and got into an accident which left my truck on its side. Turned a corner to sharp and it tipped. Airbags did not deploy as it just tipped over, does this mean onstar did not know about the accident and its information about the time of the accident?

What do all you people expect from a giant national company that advertises everywhere every five minutes? If they DIDN'T take your the money without asking, then i would be surprised! What island have you been living on? Eharmony does it, Timelife books does it,credit card companies do it1 its standard procedure in this country for YEARS! All they have to say is READ THE FINE PRINT. Anyway if your bought a brand new gm vehicle your assumed to be rolling in dough anyway, so who cares about a couple of bucks on your credit card, who even looks? For all you people complaining, there are thousands who havnt noticed or cant be bothered to call and complain. GET REAL

I understand your frustration. I can't say I have ever had them call me or my wife on any Onstar equipped vehicle we have had. Which is surprising because her hands free calling minutes are expiring in two days and they haven't tried to sell us more although I know other people have had the calls too.

Next time your driving with the radio cranked, hopefully you will be able to hear the Fire Truck or Police car racing to help someone. If a person talking to you causes you too near crash, maybe you should take some driving lessons as you dont sound that safe on the road. Hopefully when you get in that crash the other car will have onstar so they can send rescue people to help save both of you. And dear sir, take a chill pill!

I am trying to look up how onstar was aware immediatly when I transfered the vehicle title over. I bought this vehicle from a relative, and they have a subscription with several vehicles, and left mine on there. I figure if I took it to a dealership they would remove my vehicle, but before I even had the title from the state, almost immediatly after filing for the transfer I noticed the onstar lights were off. It seems weird, does the state (MN) send onstar info about selling your vehicle???

OnStar, the nation's leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and information services, and Verizon recently announced a partnership that will allow Verizon Family Share Plan customers to share their cell phone's wireless minutes with OnStar's Hands-Free Calling at a lesser charge than applied previously, while providing the convenience and simplicity of receiving only one bill.

Now available, any OnStar digitally-equipped vehicle can be added to a Verizon Wireless Family Share Plan, which start at a monthly price of $69.99 and include 700 minutes. The Family Share Plans, which include unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes and Verizon-to-Verizon calling, offer multiple line pricing. The average number of minutes used in the wireless industry by consumers is 600, according to Dave Dau of OnStar.

In an attempt to maximize digital opportunity and increase subscriber revenue, GM's OnStar is also increasing basic customer interaction with the OnStar program. Boasting safety and convenience benefits, Hands-Free Calling uses voice-activated dialing while providing added range and reception. Although cell phones and cars will be equipped with separate phone numbers, calls can be forwarded and/or transferred to the vehicle or wireless phone whenever needed. Verizon billing statements will be itemized to show both cell phone and OnStar Hands-Free Calling minutes. 041b061a72


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