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The Cost Of Love

The Cost of Love is a 2010 gay-themed film by Carl Medland, his debut long feature released by Discovery Films UK. It was shot in Greenwich area in London starring Christopher Kelham as Dale. The film shows diverse characters and the price they pay for falling in love.

The Cost of Love

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As a result, both believe that the person they have fallen in love with is exactly as he or she presents, able to give without reserve because of the seemingly perfect compatibility that is happening. But the price is accruing.

Background: Knowing that your parent or caregiver will be there for you in times of emotional need and distress is a core aspect of the human experience of feeling loved and being securely attached. In contrast, an insecure attachment pattern is found in many antisocial youth and is related to less sensitive caregiving. Such youth are often distrustful of adults and authority figures, and are at high risk of poor outcomes. As they become adults, they require extensive health, social and economic support, costing society ten times more than their well-adjusted peers. However, it is not known whether insecure attachment itself is associated with higher costs in at-risk youth, independently of potential confounders, nor whether cost differences are already beginning to emerge early in adolescence.

Conclusions: Attachment insecurity is a significant predictor of public cost in at-risk youth, even after accounting for covariates. Since adolescent attachment security is influenced by caregiving quality earlier in childhood, these findings add support to the public health case for early parenting interventions to improve child outcomes and reduce the financial burden on society.

That is a good example of the problem that Paul was facing here in Corinth. Many of these Corinthians had been swept away by a group of men claiming to be apostles of Christ who had come from Jerusalem, boasting about all their tremendous accomplishments for Christ. As a result, the Corinthians were in danger of following their false teachings rather than listening to the apostle who had won them to Christ and who had so faithfully taught them and prayed for them and loved them. Paul explains to the Corinthians why he finally resorts to boasting: It is because that is the only thing that will impress them, and win them back to a hearing of the truth of the gospel. So, very reluctantly and with considerable dislike evident in his reactions, Paul sinks to this level and begins to talk about his accomplishments for Christ. You can see this in the words in Verse 16 and following in Chapter 11, where he says:

Through the course of these thirty years that I have been pastor here, I have been privileged to bear some of the burdens, the sorrows, the pain, the heartache and tears of many of you and share them with you. I confess that it is sometimes a great strain. I have not done very well at it. It makes me even more amazed to think of this mighty apostle bearing the burdens of dozens of churches that he founded, being open to their needs, and praying for them daily. He had never even been to Colossae, he did not start the church there, but he prayed for them, and upheld them before God every day. What a tremendous ministry of mercy this man had! What empathy he shows. What ability to respond to the emotional heart-cries of people. I shake my head in amazement. As you read a list like this it raises the question: "Why would anyone put up with this kind of life?"If that is what Christianity can involve, what made this man willing to go through these terrible hardships, pressures, trials and dangers? What motivated him? The only answer I can find is the one he himself gives us in Chapter 5 of this very letter -- "the love of Christ constrains me," (2 Corinthians 5:14a KJV). It was his sense of gratitude to the risen Lord who not only had forgiven him and filled him and restored him but who went with him into these trials and sustained him in every one of them, turning them into experiences of joy rather than hardship. That love flowed through Paul to reach out to those around to whom he was ministering.

I am always amazed to read the letter to the Thessalonians where he says, "When we came among you we imparted to you not only the gospel but our very lives also because you became very dear unto us..." (1 Thessalonians 2:8). It is beautiful to see the love of this man's heart. I have often said to young people, "When you go on in life, you are going to find a lot of people want to be your friends. Many of them will like you and you will be drawn to them, but many of them will be false friends. You can always tell the difference by this -- whether they are willing to keep on loving you when things do not go well with you, whether they are willing to suffer with you and stand by you, even to stand by you when you offend them. Trust the ones who are willing to suffer for you." That is the mark of love.

Paul has proven to these Corinthians that he genuinely loved them. None of these false apostles would put up with this. As Jesus himself said, "When the wolf comes the hireling runs away but the true shepherd will lay down his life for his sheep," (John 10:11-13). Paul is simply bringing this out so that they might see where the truth lies and which is the voice they can trust in this conflict of voices that they are exposed to. Now, at this point, he turns to the things that a Christian can truly boast about. We are not to boast about what we have accomplished, or even how much we have had to bear for Christ's sake, but there are some things we can boast of. Verse 30:

I do not know any truth that God wants us to learn that is greater than that. It is the hardest truth we can learn. I talked to a young man just yesterday, 21 years old, a good athlete with a strong body, a very attractive young man, a Christian who loves the Lord and who wants to serve him. But he was struggling between an opportunity that had been opened to him that would put him in a well-known, fashionable church that would give him a name immediately, that would give him plenty of money, would lead him into a ministry that would very likely have a lot of fame attached to it, or whether he was willing to become obscure and lose himself, trusting God to lead him, and trusting Christ to use him, even though he was never heard of publicly again. That is a struggle we all have to go through in one way or another. Do you remember how Jesus put it? "He that saves his life will lose it. He that loses his life for my sake will save it," (Matthew 10:39, 16:25, Mark 8:35, Luke 9:24, 17:33, John 12:25). That is where Paul was. That is what he said he would boast about, the things that show his weakness because, "when I am weak, then I am strong," (2 Corinthians 12:10b RSV). In the next chapter he goes on to demonstrate another illustration of that. We will take that next time we gather for study in this letter.

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Jesus displayed this sacrificial quality of love for us on the cross, giving His very life for the ones He loves, even as they rejected and crucified Him. With no thought for Himself, He endured unthinkable physical, emotional, and spiritual pain for the benefit of His beloved.

Kyle likes women who are mindful of the cost of things. To him, it shows that a woman has empathy. She is looking past the present and is preparing for their future financially. He was not interested in dating around.

If love for one another is going to flourish and grow in ourchurch, we must be rooted more deeply in love. That was the pointof last week's message. In other words becoming a loving personmeans living with the roots of your life sunk deep in the love ofChrist for you. Being loved by Christ is the ground of becomingloving. And the root that you send into that ground is the faiththat you are loved.

And the key to believing the love that God has for us isseeing it revealed in the word of Scripture. A few peoplewere allowed to see Jesus in the flesh and touch him and watch himteach and heal and suffer and die and rise. We might feel jealousthat our faith in the love of Christ can't be based on that kind offirst hand sight and touch. But that was not God's plan. When Jesusprayed for his disciples in John 17:20, he said, "[Father], I donot ask in behalf of these alone, but for those also who believe inMe through their word." It was the plan of God that wecome to faith, not by seeing the love of Christ in the flesh, butby seeing the love of Christ in the word of those who knewhim.

As I have pondered the love of Christ for us, and the differentways that the Bible presents it to us, I have seen fourways that the depth of Christ's love is revealed. We will spend aweek on each of these.

Jesus has loved you this way. Only, O so much more! Consider thelife he laid down. One of the reasons that story hits us so hard isbecause the boy was 19 years old. If he had been 89 years oldand the others 19, we might say it was a beautiful act oflove, but with a full lifebehind him it would not feel like thesame kind of sacrifice as when your whole life stretches in frontof you. So consider the life that Jesus sacrificed for you.

The 19-year-old boy was a wonderful picture of love. Butcompared to Jesus he was only a picture. His death was quick andrelatively painless. Jesus' death was one of the worst kinds oftorture devised for human pain. So when Ephesians 5:2 says, "Christloved you and gave himself up for us," don't breeze over the words:"gave himself up." His love is great in proportion to thecostliness of his sacrifice. And his sacrifice was horrendous. 041b061a72


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