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For many of the teachers and students, they see this project as a culmination of their freshman year, a rite of passage, so to speak. On an academic level, the Timeline Project encourages the students to think back through the Old Testament to see how God has been at work from the very beginning of Creation in order to prepare us for the coming of Jesus, which they learn about in the New Testament.

Freshman Project

Many of the upperclassmen still talk about their creations and the pride in seeing it in the lobby and showing it off to their families at the Communion Breakfasts, after sporting events, etc. Simply, seeing these projects adorn the lobby each year brings back memories for the seniors, juniors, and sophomores. This year is definitely different as the projects will not be decorating the lobby, but instead gracing Instagram and the Kellenberg website.

Dunea's multi-source strategy and The Freshman-project should keep drinking water available even as climate change and other impacts pile up. By working together and exchanging knowledge we want to learn and inspire others to help the world and our clients into a resilient future.

Having fresh water in stock helps to get through dry times. The more, the better. Removing brackish groundwater at the edge of the freshwater bubble can make the deep (freshwater) extractions in the dunes less susceptible to salinization (the Freshkeeper effect). It also increases the freshwater supply in case of calamities. The European Union considers this research so important to Europe that they have awarded a sustainability grant from the Life programme to help make the 'Freshman' project possible.

Do you have questions about this project? Go to the questions and answers page to find an immediate answer. Do you have other questions or are you a journalist? Please send an email to

Freshman level individual or team project under EE faculty direction and guidance. This project provides early student entry into EE hands-on project activity providing practical skills, EE subject exposure and experience. Second semester freshman standing required. Repeatable unlimited times. CENG, EE, and PREN majors only. A-F only. Pre: consent.

Each summer, over 250 Bibles are purchased for the incoming freshman class through the generous support of faculty, staff, friends and alumni of Spring Arbor University. Through this project you also have the opportunity to write a note of encouragement to a freshman that will be inserted in their Bible this fall. Will you consider writing a note and gifting a Bible to a student?

Every $25 gift provides a study Bible for one student. You can make a singular gift or your can give various amounts to cover multiple students even up to an entire Core Group! You can also select a recurring annual gift to ensure your impact is made each year, or a recurring monthly gift which would provide at least 12 incoming freshman with a bible.

Isabella Culotta, center, interviews a female farmer, right, with Nabina Lamichhane, left, in the Septari District of Nepal during Culotta's field researcher for the ICIMOD project, to evaluate gender empowerment in the household.

Becoming a member of the Freshman Executive Board is a great way to meet others, enhance leadership skills, share ideas and plan activities for the entire freshman class! Representation on Freshman Executive Board is from every advisory. The board meets once a week throughout the year, and there are some evening and weekend commitments. The Executive Board members are involved in various activities during Homecoming. As a service project, board members make lunches for a homeless shelter several times a year. Throughout the year we also do fundraisers and other community service projects.

Villanova engineering students begin their academic careers with the Engineering Interdisciplinary Project: an introduction to engineering analysis, design, and research for the first half of the semester and a faculty mentored interdisciplinary team project for the second half. Through this experience, freshman students are exposed to the range of engineering disciplines, and at the end of the semester teams are tasked with delivering presentations on their respective projects, providing them with invaluable experience in technical communications.

Computer programming, biomedical, electrical and mechanical engineering are fused for the Biomedical Signal Analysis mini project. The project introduces the basics of anatomy and physiology, biosensor design, and signal acquisition and analysis. iWorx systems and sensors, Labscribe and Matlab allow students to develop algorithms and extract biomarkers in order to study their own hearts through bioelectric, biomechanical and bioacoustics signals.

The Sustainable Systems Design mini project addresses all engineering disciplines at Villanova through a choice of 20 sustainable project topics and themes ranging from solar panel use to materials used in dry cleaning. Students must adopt and use a whole systems approach by considering political, economic, environmental, technological and social variables to assess the impact on the professional and personal lives of stakeholders.

The three basic natural resources required to sustain life are water, energy and food. The three are tightly interconnected and have formed a resource and policy nexus. Students can learn about the process of making coffee while simultaneously studying energy and carbon emissions, heat and mass transfer, diffusion/extraction processes, and other forms of waste. At the end of the project, teams compete to brew the tastiest cup of coffee with the least amount of energy and carbon emissions, starting with raw beans.

We aimed to express a continuous and textured exterior wall that could provide the building with its unique character and expressive elegance. The use of bricks of different colors allowed us to highlight the band of windows on the upper and lower levels while utilizing projecting brick banding along the horizontal ring of windows contributed to manifest the horizontal and continuous nature of the façade thanks to the shadows cast between the different bricklayers.

The project success in the neighborhood rests on three key organizational achievements. First, the design provided a much-needed alternative traffic circulation strategy for the area. Secondly, the project re-framed the Read Dunning neighborhood providing a new, elegant visual backdrop from both, Irving Park and Oak Park Avenue. Lastly, it anchored the north portion of the site, re-articulating the light industrial building area along Normandy street.

Independent work in information science as part of a student-led team project. Intended for freshmen on project teams, project team members in training, and for project team members performing tasks that are not core to information science.

Bacon said North-Grand High School, which enrolls mostly Latino, low-income students, has been offering the Freshman Connection program for at least seven years since he started at the school. Last year was the first year the mural project became a big component of the program at North-Grand, Bacon said.

This year bank study projects will be submitted online through the Canvas learning platform. Bank study projects are a major part of the educational experience at the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. Freshmen are required to complete five bank study projects for the courses you were enrolled in for the 2022 Session.

Kalani freshmen from the Imi Loa house presented their sustainability projects this Monday and Tuesday, May 17 and 18. The presentations took place in the Kalani High School cafeteria, where the students presented to a panel of esteemed judges. Among this group were Hawaii State Senator Stanely Chang and local politician Keith Amemiya.

The sustainability project is unique to the Imi Loa freshman house. Imi Loa teacher Jan Omura explained that the idea for this assignment stemmed from her experience at a professional development course where she and previous house teacher Kenneth Okawa learned about a curriculum called Project Wayfinder.

The project is almost entirely self-directed by students. They must be able to work in groups to come up with a solution that actively addresses a current world issue. Students then create and implement an action plan that guides them through the process of achieving this goal.

In 2010, the University of Cincinnati Libraries received a $61,287 grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission of the Archives and Records Administration to fully process the Theodore M. Berry Collection in the Archives & Rare Books Library. All information and opinions published on the Berry project website and in the blog entries are those of the individuals involved in the grant project and do not reflect those of the National Archives and Records Administration. We gratefully acknowledge the support of NARA.

CTEC Freshmen just completed an integrated project on water issues both globally and locally. Students took on a research question and created websites to bring awareness to important issues such as the importance of staying hydrated and ways individuals can conserve water. Presentations took place on Earth Day (April 22) and April 23rd. Please check out the flyers below for QR codes to our freshmen websites!

The crushes on musicians in black turtlenecks came and went. The impact of Beowulf and Bio 6 class, unfortunately, faded too. But lessons of tolerance, first learned through my freshman roommate, left a lasting impression. She expanded my cultural horizons, and stretched my comfort zone.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has accused the orientation session for freshman lawmakers at Harvard's Kennedy School of being a "pro-corporate lobbyist project" that hypes tax cuts for corporations and argues against increasing the minimum wage.

Each team was further broken down into four groups, and each group was responsible for a different part of the project. For example, one group was in charge of the balloon and the parachute. Another was responsible for ensuring the payload could survive the extreme temperatures of the stratosphere or a variety of other factors, such as a water landing.


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