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Just Mercy Subtitles English

Paul,Jennie Wiseman, the mother of another Middlebury College daughter, was just on Fox News. She is pleading the case for her own trapped daughter in Egypt. Apparently, Middlebury had an insurance policty that "guaranteed" emergency plane lifts out of dangerous zones. The problem is that the plane evaporated, without ever taking off. Now, her daughter is at the mercy of the U.S. State Dept., at the Alexandria airport. Jennie is doing what any mother would do: Whine as loud as possible to get her daughter out of there. The problem is that events are spinning out of control. Even the elite Middlebury kids are feeling the heat. It could end up that the U.S. Marines will need to come to her rescue. If so, Paul, should the Marines shoot lead bullets, if necessary, to protect these elite kids, thus killing poor Egyptians?

Just Mercy subtitles English



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