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Ambulimama Stories In Tamil Pdf 34

to the curious reader, i would suggest, if you wish to read comics in tamil, i would suggest buying either pragathees, ponniyas, ponni, ponni comics and or rk comics, since ponniyas and ponni comics was the most popularin tamil. the other titles available were raja comics, buberu comics, cosmo comics, utama comics, rk comics, karnatic comics, nagaswamy comics, muthu comics..the list goes on and on.

Ambulimama Stories In Tamil Pdf 34


pragathees comics were published by malaysian-owned aran comics studio, which also published varusham tughlaq. aran comics was essentially a tamil version of vikki comics, with garudapurushudai, masterji and sabash padai.

ponniyas comics were published by a group of tamil writers, pulapthiyar, ponnayar and four more, they had two titles of their own: selvi yudham (which includes selvi, meenatchi, radha and pooja) and bharathidasan. ponniyas also had the tamil version of varusham tughlaq series, which was later on translated into malayalam, i saw a rerun of this title in kerala comics in the early 80s called 'krishnam raja'.

raja comics was launched by ilaya parameswara iyer, who later formed his own company a few years later. the first issue of raja comics, was the title kalki, which featured our mythological characters kalki and kartikeya. this title was later on launched in pakistan.

to na.venkatachalam i would like to add, that murugan comics was published by him. i know he has copyright issues, but was a very good title published during that time. it had multiple relaunches and was also the first tamil comic with female characters. most of the characters were based on the tamil gods like muruga, vishnu, durga, krishna and shiva. it also featured the story of our very own tuvadhai nayagam, featuring his own female characters.


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