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Devon London

Defense, in general, is quite tricky, especially against online opponents. However, 2K Sports has consistently updated the engine with new features, and with ProPLAY in store, the upcoming options could be extensive. While the full release is still some time away NBA 2K24 MT, Visual Concept has already given brief ideas about what to expect.

The main aim of ProPLAY will be to create more realistic gameplay experiences for the players. New animations will be available in the defensive department, allowing the community greater control over every action.

The return of Adrenaline Boosts will also have a big say in defense as it will also be usable in offensive actions. It will work differently in defense, as expected, and using it to disbalance the attacker will significantly reduce the chances of them scoring a basket.

In NBA 2K24, both perimeter and paint defense will be far more effective when players correctly predict the opponents' moves.

The general movement of defenders will be far more responsive, and they will feel any physical contact they make with an attacker. This certainly creates an advantage for star centers like Nikola Jokic.

Directional steals will also return, allowing players to manage ball handlers better. If they can predict the correct hand while tackling an attacker, the chances of the ball being stolen considerably increase.

Lastly, the overall contest system will lead to much more dynamic results in NBA 2K24. Players will have to create better space to shoot more accurately on one end. On the other Cheap 2K24 MT, they will have to read opponents better while making defensive movements.


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